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Join us in Annapolis for a weekend of music, revelry, history, and community! Michael Tolcher will be joined by some of his closest musical friends, some incredible local artists, and some newly discovered up and comers too!

MikelParis (Keys with O.A.R ) brings a unique guitar playing style and crafty songwriting to leave you thinking "how the !$%& does he do that?" It's rhythmic, melodic, hypnotic, and beautiful! We've played together for several years, and he'll help me close out the night as well.

Leon Macjen - an artist I just learned about - is a "one time listen and love" type of guy! Featured on Sirius' The Coffeehouse, this guy is gonna make some serious waves in this biz!

The MicroFest and Musical Brunch will take place at the Hotel Annapolis : Baroak 

*ticket purchase also includes Michael Tolcher's latest CD/download "Elemental"

Discounted hotel rooms are available at :

Fri:  Pub Crawl (pop up stage raids :)

Sat: Music from 4pm and into the night

Sun: Brunch w more music!

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